Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for bringing the powers of the mind to the surface.

Under a light trance, "normal" some subjects are able to display heightened intuitive abilities, others are able to provide clear solutions to their challenges, and some subjects even display clairvoyance and remove viewing abilities.

I suspect that we all have the ability to tap in the infinite power of our minds.  Writers, painters, artists, inventors, successful entrepreneurs they all get their inspirations because they are able to tap in the power of their minds.   They seem to have access to information that "normal" people cannot obtain. 

This is because "normal" people are programmed to believe that the logical mind is all that there is---intuition and extra sensory perception are considered illusions and
fantasy.  This is how the logical mind is able to prevent "normal" people
from tapping in the treasure house within. 

I am now working on developing new scripts to help people develop their
remote viewing and clairvoyance abilities.  The topic of mind powers fascinates me--I have made it my lifetime project and will continue to experiment until I do have a mind :-)

Alexander Wilon
Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis
Diploma of Training and Assessment Systems