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Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for bringing the powers of the mind to the surface. Under a light trance most people are able to display heightened intuitive abilities, others are able to provide clear solutions to their challenges, and some subjects even display clairvoyance and remote viewing abilities.

This wonderful Hypnotic session will relax you, induce a light trance and set up a scenario where you will be prompted to predict eight winning lotto numbers for the game of your choice.

This video can be used for any lotto game in the world. Just before the session begins, write down the game that you want to play and state aloud I want to receive the winning numbers for ....... and then state the game of your choice.

Make sure to turn off your telephone and any other possible source of distraction. Please use headphones, focus your attention on my voice and look at the centre of the spiral.

Allow your eyes to close naturally do not force your eyes to close. Use this session only once a week, one day before the lotto game is being drawn.

Some people are visually oriented; they are likely to see the numbers. Other people are auditory oriented so they may hear the numbers. Others may be intuitive and they will sense a number. So when you hear me ask What is the number? write down or record any number that comes to mind. Most customers find it more useful to record their answers. This is my preferred method. I simply start a tape recorder and call the numbers aloud as I see them. I find this method produces the best results.

You should emerge from each session feeling warm and relaxed. Remember that this is a fun game, treat is as such. If you approach this video session with an attitude of anxiety and pressure you are unlikely to get good results. Be relaxed about it.

Start the session with an open and relaxed mind. Keep a notebook by your side before going to sleep. Some customers have reported receiving winning lotto numbers in dreams. This is also a possibility. Set up a budget each week of no more than $5 per week and make winning Lotto a hobby :-)

Because this video causes you to use the power of your mind to select numbers, you do not need to spend large sums of money on lotteries. With Predict Lotto Numbers with Hypnosis you do not need to play multiple games, so more is not better. Just play the numbers you have perceived during the session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are epileptic or under mental health care, do not watch this video without the specific consent of your doctor or mental health carer. Good luck and thank you for purchasing this video.

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